Company Overview

Company Overview

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Jinan Xinxin Sports Goods Co.,Ltd located in Shandong. It is a collection of design, development, production and sales in the integration of specialized manufacturer. Our company mainly produces high-end football, basketball,volleyball and other sports products.Adhering to the loyal love of sport, design "VTUR" brand, full of passion for sports,extraordinary strength,provide more comfortable, more professional sports as sports enthusiasts equipment. Our company has domestic advanced production lines and modern sports equipment item, plant area about 10000 square meters, more than 300 technical employees,including design, plate-making and other technical personnel. We actively implement international standards and had passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification,establish more perfect order information development platform,and a set of scientific management system and operational mechanism, form a first-class design, production and sales system. As a professional sporting goods company, we uphold the quality first,the customer first, honesty of purpose,to build the sports industry's leading brand for consumers passionate sporting experience.

Company Overview

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